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Haden Foundation Scholarship Guidelines

We welcome you to apply for a scholarship once you have been admitted to the Haden Institute's Spiritual Direction or Dream Worker program.  Please review these guidelines to help you determine if you meet the criteria before applying.  To get an application form, please email us at


The Haden Foundation, Inc. (Foundation), was created to provide financial aid in the form of scholarship funds to individuals who wish to pursue spiritual direction training and dream worker training in the Jungian Mystical Christian tradition so they can afford the education to further their exploration of the Divine in their own lives and commit to sharing those teachings with others as Spiritual Directors and/or Dream Workers as part of their chosen vocation. Those applying must meet both of the criteria stated below:


  1. The Foundation invites students from diverse ethnic, spiritual, cultural, sexual orientation and demographic backgrounds to pursue advanced studies in spiritual direction training and dream worker training through The Haden Institute. 


  1. Those applying for scholarships must demonstrate financial need based on current income that doesn’t exceed 2 times the Federal Poverty Level, or sufficient investments, retirement funds and other assets that may be used to pay for their tuition.


NOTE: Scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds in the scholarship program. The Foundation, at its discretion, may award partial scholarships. All awards are for one year. Scholarship Awardees must apply for scholarships annually and if they still meet the qualifications and there are sufficient funds, they will be given preference for a scholarship award to enable them to complete the course they are enrolled in. All funds will be paid directly to The Haden Institute in the applicant’s name for the relevant course.  If an applicant is unsure if they qualify for a scholarship, they are invited to apply and their application will be reviewed.


Grantees are to be selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis following:

  • Acceptance in to The Haden Institute Spiritual Direction or Dream Worker program.

  • Submission of the Scholarship application as well as the following documents:

    • A biographical statement describing what has led the candidate to this place (1 page);

    • A brief essay (1 page) describing why the candidate believes him/herself to be eligible for this award and how he/she intends to use their Haden Institute education in their own lives and/or work;

    • A statement of financial need that includes current income and other sources of support;

    • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the character and intent of the candidate.

  • Review of the application by the scholarship committee, which can also include in person or electronic interviews.  Selection criteria are consistent with the stated mission of the Foundation (see above) and will take into account diversity, financial need, personal credentials, and the apparent commitment of the candidate to the course as revealed in the application materials.


All applicants will be notified of the status of their scholarship application no later than 8 weeks prior to starting their Spiritual Direction or Dream Worker Training intensive.  In the case of incomplete submissions, the applicant can submit a revised application during the next selection period.  If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the amount of available awards, the applicant may request that the application be rolled over and considered for the following admissions period.

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