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“The desert, like Kanuga, is a place of incubation.
In these special places… and other thin places, dreams and contact with the collective
unconscious are incubated.” 
 — Bob Haden



Lee-Ann Jaykus President 

Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ph.D. is a William Neal Reynolds Distiguished Professor in the Dept. of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Services at NC State University in Raleigh, NC. Her research is in food microbiology, with specific interest in microbial food safety. She graduated from the Haden Institute Spiritual Direction Program in 2018 and entered the Dream Work Training Program in 2021.



Mark RitchieVice President and

                        Executive Director

Mark Ritchie is a spiritual director, life coach, non-profit advisor, owner of StillPoint Retreat, and cultural traveler. After much soul searching and a healing dream, he left his CEO career to pursue a call to lay ministry centered on finding purpose and meaning.
Living in Salisbury, NC, he is a graduate of the Haden Institute in both the Spiritual Direction Training and Dream Work Training courses and has served as a Mentor in Spiritual Direction since 2010.


Susan CassSecretary

Susan Pannier-Cass is a contemplative Catholic who has a passion for working with people going through life transitions. She is a graduate of the Haden Institute's Spiritual Direction Training and serves on staff as a spiritual director at the Claret Center in Chicago, IL. Susan is also an ordained Interfaith Minister, a facilitator of workshops for women, and has been a yoga and meditation instructor for over 20 years. She recently graduated from The Jung Institute in Chicago where she furthered her training and fueled her interest in how dreams can be used for spiritual and psychological growth. 

Maria Teresa JonesTreasurer 

Chaplain Maria Teresa Jones serves as the Chaplaincy Program Manager for Faculty and Staff Support in the Winton Salem, NC Campus and Ambulatory Clinics.  She received a Master of Divinity with certification in Spirituality, Religion, and Health Professions from Wake Forest University School of Divinity.  A native of Old San Juan Puerto Rico, Maria Teresa is a graduate of the Haden Institute in both the Spiritual Direction Training and Dream Wok Training courses.

The Haden Institute, founded in 1994, offers Spiritual Direction and Dream Worker training and certification for professionals and non-professionals. Haden Institute courses are unique in that they are grounded in the dynamic interrelationship between Jungian psychology and the historical traditions of spiritual direction.


The Institute has grown since its inception, and there are now over 300 graduates representing many states, provinces, and even overseas countries. Graduates incorporate this training into their personal lives and in their ministries and professions with many choosing to establish a private practice.


Even with this steady growth, the Haden Foundation believes that a greater diversity in the make-up of the student body would greatly enhance the learning experience currently being provided by the Institute. 

The academic curriculum already draws from a wide variety of belief systems, both Eastern and Western. By broadening the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of the student body, we see a golden opportunity to enrich and deepen the quality of this unique learning community.


The vision of the Haden Foundation is to create a scholarship fund that will enable us to fulfill our mission of providing financial support to spiritual direction and dream worker students in need, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, race, age, or professional vocation. By cultivating a more diverse learning community, we will also be able to extend and deepen the reach of the Haden Institute into a greater variety of local communities in this country and throughout the world.

Enhancing growth and Diversity  



Bob Haden

Bob Haden is a Jungian Psychotherapist, Pastoral Counselor, Episcopal Priest, and Founder and former Director of The Haden Institute.  Living in Hendersonville, NC, Bob is author of Unanswered Letters From God: Using Biblical Dreams to Unlock Your Nightly Dreams and is co-author of Soul's Labyrinth.



Rev. Sr. Veronica Dunbar

The Rev. Sr. Veronica Mary is a native of the Detroit area.  She is a professed monastic in the Episcopal religious order of Anamchara Fellowship, with whom she has journeyed since 2012.  Veronica graduated from The Haden Institute’s spiritual direction program in 2014.  Veronica was ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 2017, and serves as a curate at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Detroit. 


Robert Scotland

Dr. Robert Scotland is a retired school principal and ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Robert continues to pastor in South Carolina and lives in Columbia. It was during his work as a correctional chaplain many years ago that he became interested in becoming a spiritual director and he graduated from Haden Institute's Spiritual Direction course in January, 2020.


Tracey Clarkson

Tracey Clarkson is an active UU church leader in Portsmouth, NH  where she's lived for almost three decades and has been working her dreams for almost as long. Upon completing both Haden programs (2017/2019), Tracey started a Spiritual Direction practice with dream work as her main focus. 


Marsha Holmes

Marsha Holmes was ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida in 2016. She currently serves at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She retired as a Corporate Vice President from Verizon Communications in 2001. Marsha continues to grow her practice in Spiritual Direction and also facilitates the training of new Deacons in the Diocese. She graduated from the Haden Institute Spiritual Direction Program in 2018. Marsha currently serves as a mentor in the Spiritual Direction Training course.

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